Friday, September 28, 2007

After the Glacier's Gone #1

acrylic on canvas
30" x 36"

** ye s t e r d a y * w a s * a l l * w e * h a d **

CO2 Art unveils a project that portrays the Earth's receding glaciers based on an abstract conception of what could be exposed when the Glacier is gone.

The artist, Tatiana Iliina-Gooden, has employed her signature strategy of using images that are pleasing to the eye, and expertly painted, to imply a subject that is, in reality, less pleasant to contemplate.

The images, though stark and apparently lifeless, seem to hold out a hope that the planet can continue to be a place of beauty even after the glaciers are gone. At the same time, the viewer is moved by Iliina-Gooden's adept palette knife work to feel a new degree of urgency in relation to the whole global warming situation, as they see glaciers portrayed as dirt, rocks and pools of water.

This first canvas of the project was shipped out today to a buyer in South Africa.