Saturday, June 28, 2008

North Pole on Thin Ice

According to an article I read in The Independent, the North Pole could be free of ice this summer for the first time in human history. I won't bother linking to the article because I think it's everywhere!

Amazing! The north pole going ice free for the first time in history and some people say that global warming is "unproven" or "controversial". LMAO

The article says that the usual ice cap, composed of super thick ice built up over many years, has now blown away from the Pole. The ice up there now is only as thick as the amount of ice that freezes in one year - and has a good chance of melting entirely over this summer.

Tatiana has another new glacier abstract and we will be putting it up on eBay soon - maybe today. Not that it's a big deal but I think these glacier paintings do help in some small way to draw attention to the global warming situation.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting Off on Gating it Off - No one's sittin' on this dock!

Here's a scary photo that looks an awful lot like what the world feels like lately. And probably it's the direction we're headed in.

Where we are cut off from the natural world and living in the artificial world. Where everything is controlled by powerful unseen forces. Or, more likely even, weak or inert forces who just want to fill the world with gates. A world where even the most mundane passage is barred by a gate.

Say it ain't so!