Friday, February 2, 2007

What's Coming Down the Alternative Pipeline

A report released two days ago by the Canadian Boreal Initiative lays out a plausible basis for assessing the value of environmental "services" delivered naturally by the Mackenzie River watershed. They came up with an annual value of about $448 billion in environmental contributions by the basin if left in pristine condition, as compared with the $40-some-odd billion annual GDP of the area based mostly on resource extraction.

This, at the same time as a new incarnation of the long-shelved '70s mega-project "The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline" is gaining plenty of steam as the "Mackenzie Gas Project".

Let's call it what it is. This project represents nothing more than a massively destructive means for mainlining profits into corporate coffers.

CO2 Art is pleased to announce an alternative pipeline.

This is a pipeline of visual art, fine art and conceptual art that address the problems of climate change.

We have begun several projects in 2007:

* CO2 Art Expedition to "Find Snow" and "Make Water"
* CO2 Art Social Conservation Project: "Urban Snow Removal as a Threatened Culture"
* CO2 Art National Statement: "The Life of Hockey"

We had an extremely busy first month of the year and first month of existence as an organization.

The work is continuing and will be updated here. Stay with us!

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