Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brief Overview of 2007

2007 was a year of incubation and new life for co2 art.

A lot of interesting stuff was conceived. We had many ideas, some of them good, developed a few to maturity and had concrete results and sales to show for our efforts.

Three projects involving series of abstract paintings have been developed to the point where the finished pieces have been sold to collectors around the world. Thank-you to all the buyers!

These three series are as follows:

1. After the Glacier's Gone (* yesterday * was * all * we * had *)

2. Remains of Rainforest

3. Wet Paint - Wet Brush - Wetlands

The paintings have referenced ecosystems far and wide from India to Alaska and have all been sold to buyers from South Africa to Canada and the U.S.

Other projects are still ripening or are in various stages of development - for one thing, this post could be taken as a re-affirmation that none of these concepts are in danger of going dry on the vine!

I'm looking forward to building on what we have started, and to seeing this all take off this year and to be able to show art taking a role in environmental awareness, conservation and activism.

Happy 2008!

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