Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can You Reverse Climate Change By Having a Tea Party?

Just as climate change deniers had begun to breathe easy, convincing themselves that, based on repeating the word "climategate" a few million times, global warming no longer exists, a few minor irritants have begun to cloud the crystal clear, cool air of Denierland.

First the obvious, like, Winter Olympics are supposed to occur in snow, eh? You may say, "yeah but Vancouver is always warm in winter..." But what some people may not know is that it has been balmy throughout Canada. Today in Montreal: +5 C with sun, clouds and rain. In fact, there are usually a few stretches of -20 and we have barely had anything of the sort this year. On one of the first days of the Olympics, you cold barely find a below freezing high in any city in Canada. Bizarre.

As if to confirm our curiosity, the UAH Globally Averaged Temperatures recently came out and, guess what? It was worldwide the warmest January on record.

You see that blue dot on the very right? I don't know how anyone can look at this graph and think that they can have a tea party or post pictures of every snowflake that falls in Texas and it will make global warming go away.

As if this all isn't enough, we also get the news that an iceberg the size of Luxembourg has been chipped off of Antarctica. Amazingly, the iceberg that struck this ice "tongue" to remove it from the ice cap was itself some 97 km long and has been around since it calved off the ice cap in 1987. Obviously it takes these things a while to melt. According to one source, there is enough fresh water in an iceberg this size to supply water for the population of the world to have non-stop tea parties for about a year.

This iceberg may not have a direct connection to global warming. And, then again, it may.

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