Sunday, April 4, 2010

Missing link skeleton exhibition sparks hilarious "conversation"

A story about the unveiling of a 2-million-year old skeleton of a newly discovered species of hominid that is thought to be a "missing link", has sparked a revealing exchange of views between readers of the article.

The article itself is kind of interesting - the type of thing you've probably seen before, only this time they have most of the skeleton complete and some other cool stuff.

What happened next is that the "Raving Right" latched onto it after the headline was run on Drudge...

So now the comments are full of brilliant essays such as,

"They lied about global warming. What makes you think they wouldn't lie about evolution?"

"..If man evolved from aps why are there still apes and monkies"

"Resembles the modern liberal democrat. This proves Libs did evolve from slime and became worms later evolving into men then devolving back to a parasitic life form."

"here is how the game is played:

Evolutionists find an extinct ape.

The only "fact" is that they found bones of a dead animal."

So much silliness...

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