Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Conservatives Don't Like the Census

Here's a perfect example of the type of thing that the Harper Reform-Con government definitely doesn't like.

It is a study of poverty and pollution in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Valley, where everything is broken down according to census subdivision.

I am pretty sure this particular study would have been possible using only the info from the short form.

However the point is quite clear. Factual, transparent statistics are the enemy of the demagogue, whose desire is to control people and events by whim and take decisions based on incremental benefits to their own agenda.

SH: "Someone just tell me how to make this information go away:"

"Generally, the census subdivisions with lowest amounts of pollution also have the lowest poverty rates for all pollution groups."


Matthew Chisholm said...

Just look it up: Harper campaigned with the NCC on this issue in the past. He is just fulfilling his "Libertarian" agenda while he still has control of Canadian Politics. It's Bogus.

See for yourself:

PS: I agree with you 100% percent

Socially Active said...

I see no reason other than to hide lies. There are easier ways to cut social programs.

Lies among know verifiable truths cannot be hidden, but lies among a foggy unknowns are easy hidden.

The only question is why allow ourselves to be rule by such a argent fool.

The cost of endless lies and deception is uncountable. And even more uncountable without effective tools to measure the cost.

Green Party candidate Richmond Delta

Anonymous said...

Just how on earth, short of an election do we stop this madman before it is too late. Each day Harper is closing in and we are going to be angry about all the social things government has given us.. that he will take away.