Sunday, March 27, 2011

Co2 Art's Rating of the Leaders' Performances on Day 1

Harper 3
Ignatieff 6.5
Duceppe 8
Layton 5.5
May 5.5

Overall a very weak and mojo-lacking day for Harper. Considering he should be driving the show. So blatantly hung out to dry for lying, and being in writing to prove it, and being on video... he might as well have been sitting in a glass outhouse half the afternoon... all the day after his government collapses in Contempt of Parliament

Ignatieff didn't show enough moxy to avoid getting sucked into Harper's 'coalition' discussion - his retorts were pretty good but not necessarily shown on all the media.

Duceppe certainly called Harper's bluff and had the line of the day: "they all want to be in bed with me but no one wants to marry me"

Jack looked full of vim and vigour but wasn't his old self - tomorrow may be more his day in B.C.

Liz has got the right idea running in B.C. I want to see more but sure didn't see much.

Looks like every time Harper talks about 'coalition' there'll be pictures of him sitting there all lovey-dovey with the socialists and separatists plotting to usurp power from Paul Martin. haha

BTW the garbola Postmedia poll did not appear in my Montreal Gazette today so I don't know who they're trying to kid.

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