Friday, August 5, 2011

Eco Art/Art Basel Miami The Effort Someone Will Go to to Get 72 Views on Vimeo in Three Years

One fine day, a pair of twins, Sunny and Joy, decided to go to Art Basel Miami and make a video about some of the artists there doing eco art.

They called themselves "The Traveling Twins" and made about 13 videos over the course of a year or two, shot in such varied locales as India, Sardinia, Portofino, New York and Miami.

The eco art video was one of their earlier ones, featuring interviews with several of the artists and even the mayor of Miami.

So I click on this video yesterday and see that it has received the grand total of 72 views in three years!

This is far from the worst video on Vimeo. It is easy to see that there was tons of work involved.

They interviewed architects from Situ Studios, Wes Rozen and Matthew McGuiness, in the process of putting up their "Solar Pavilion" and a dude named Rudolph who was working on a statuary pipeline.

Then they have a pretty good interview with German artist Dida Zende, who was setting up one of his earlier versions of FIT — "Freie Internationale Tankstelle" (translation: free international filling station). Which dispenses the "energy of creativity" for "free" (although the Goethe Institute I believe incurs some fairly considerable expenses in keeping the supply of this creative energy flowing!) Interestingly, Zende set up one of his free gas stations this year at the Waldorf Hotel "creative compound" in Vancouver.

There is a brief visit with Niki Pike, who has an adopt-a-plant project.

There's a guy called Luis Valenzuela from Art@46. A fair organizer from Green Art and yet another guy named Rudolph, who has a contraption called an Ozotron, and there could have been a few other interviews.

Check it out:

Eco Art-Miami Dec 2007 from The Travelling Twins on Vimeo.

As all of their videos, this one is well scripted for amateur work. Some of them are a little boring, but you would think they would find an audience. In some cases the exotic locations really compensate for any lack of pizzazz. The idea behind the presentation is ok. The twins, who were "born in New York and raised in Paris" have faint French accents that just sound like a weird way of speaking. They could have worked on that, I think.

All in all, I come back to my first impression. It is simply astounding that anyone would go to all this work to get 72 views on Vimeo! Since there is nothing new on their website for the past two years, I presume the twins have gone on in other directions.

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