Friday, January 1, 2010

Junior Mining Co. Avalon Rare Metals Looking at Wind Power for Potential Site Near Great Slave

A Canadian junior mining company with operations in the far north is evaluating the possibility of using wind to power a mine which would be located at Thor Lake, near Great Slave Lake.

According to a report that appeared in May in Proactive, the company, Avalon Rare Metals Inc., has been getting good results in core test samples. Avalon's website says they are negotiating with First Nations over certain aspects of the development.

As shown in the Wind Atlas of Canada, the winds around Great Slave are good and Avalon says they have located a few good potential sites to locate windmills.

Apparently the advantage of the windmill power would be to the reduce the exposure of a mining operation to fluctuations in diesel prices.

Avalon Rare Metals, (AVL: TSX) is an exploration and development company with a primary focus on the rare metals and minerals including lithium, tantalum, indium, gallium, rare earth elements such as neodymium and terbium and rare minerals such as calcium feldspar. Avalon presently owns five rare metals and minerals projects in Canada, three of which are at an advanced stage of development.

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