Saturday, January 2, 2010

No End In Sight - Tatiana Iliina's New Series of Landscape Knife Paintings - a Compelling Epic

Tatiana Iliina has announced a new series of abstract knife paintings. This series is conceived as an ongoing work that may never be finished.

No End In Sight is eco art with a slightly different flavor.

These paintings take "six degrees of separation" to new levels.


First, there is the consideration that all of the paintings are uniquely linked. They are all integral parts of the same landscape. This is evocative of the inescapable idea that all these paintings are indeed inspired by the landscapes of our one planet. The connections run deeper that that... You have the sense that you could walk from painting to painting - see them hanging on a wall side by side - but, in fact, they may be located thousands of miles apart or in different countries or continents.

Also implied are the anonymous, unexplored connections between the people who will own and collect these paintings. The organic, mystical qualities conveyed with the understanding that all these paintings originated in the same place: the same studio, the same mind. Touched and formed by the same hand.

We all live on the same world. We are all connected in a multitude of unseen and unknown ways. And we all have hopes that the planet will continue to flourish and people will continue to enjoy their lives as we have.

No End In Sight is a statement by Tatiana Iliina about the neverending beauty of the planet, the magical ability of art to connect people with this beauty and the unique role and privilege of the artist, to be engaged in this process in so many ways.

The online exhibition is located here.

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