Friday, March 19, 2010

London - Beijing via India in two days by train?

China is planning to build 3 continental high-speed rail lines that will link China to all of Europe and an intense, dynamic network. All within the next ten years.

The other two continental-scale lines include - one linking through Russia to north-central Europe and another southeast to Saigon - all high-speed.

China already has the world's fastest train and is working on getting all of its major cities linked by high-speed rail.

High-speed rail in Canada - Jackrabbit or Jackass?

Meanwhile, in Canada, we putz around over a high-speed line from Windsor to Quebec that is already overdue by 50 years. Not to mention, the main mode of transport in our capital city is still the "jackass". We should have had high-speed rail installed from coast to coast by now.

What does our Prime Minister do?


So that he can "recalibrate" for a do-nothing budget - and the country as a whole loses a full year of progress (as if this visionless government would do anything useful anyway).

We have to get it together folks.

Canada may be smelling like a rose now due to a decade of prudent Liberal management. But watch out ahead! Harper is running this country right off the rails. We have already lost five years - more like seven or eight if you count the Martin period.

Install high-speed rail in the Quebec City - Windsor corridor now. Don't worry - it won't put us ahead of anyone - but it may just keep Canada in the conversation as a country of possibilities.

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