Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arctic Sea Ice Meltdown - Below '07 Record Low

Barely six weeks ago a not-so- freak cold spell in the Bering Sea combined with some weird winds to cause the extent of sea ice in the Arctic to build up to "near normal" levels. (Normal at least in terms of the 1979-2000 average)

This resulted in worldwide headlines blaring from Drudge Report, Faux News and petro-powered right-wing propaganda press word wide.

As in, "Arctic Sea Ice Normal!!".

So, you may be forgiven for being surprised that there are no worldwide headlines today, as the sea ice extent has plummeted sharply to cross the low mark of the 2007 low ice year for this date.

The net result is that the ice levels have gone from relatively high on April 1 to very low and falling on May 23, creating a steep downwards trajectory.

Who knows where this may lead? Given the high temperatures in much of the Canadian Arctic all spring, and that so much of the Arctic ice is already merely single-year ice, rather than an ice cap per se, it looks like another record breaking low ice pack could be in store this year. Then again, another cool snap could reverse the trend enough to fire up the engine on the big anti-environmental propaganda machine once again... Stay tuned!

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