Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are Cell Phones Killing the Honey Bees?

Scientists in India coming out with this news... today.

The reper- cussions of this could be huge. These findings may only be the tip of the iceberg.

If this is confirmed - then what? Honey bees are *almost* indispensable.

Up until now, it has been widely assumed that the decline of the bees has been a result of some combination of global warming, pesticides and natural enemies, such as mites.


Mark Francis said...

The article is balanced and points out there is contrary evidence.

Also, the study compare only one affected hive to one control hive. That's a puny sample and means nothing.

Not that I'm against the idea of wireless and microwave transmissions interfering with the natural order of things, but this study is so obviously flawed as to be useless, and yet it will mislead some.

Offroad Artist said...

And it's also interesting to note that the article goes on to say that the rate of decline has slowed in the last couple of years, whereas cellphone and "gadget" use has continued to grow. But I would add that the procedures used by the Indian scientists don't seem to be so well described in the article that one could dismiss the study as flawed without any further details.