Sunday, January 2, 2011

Biosphere 1 and the Art Biodiversity Workshop

Biosphere1 was the working title of a 2009 abstract painting by Tatiana Iliina that was actually sold to a private collector before its significance was fully established.

As time goes by, the artist reflects and certain trends and turning points in their work become more clear. Indeed, it is a given that the artist's ideas, work, creations and responses sometimes travel in different planes and directions, only to reconvene in different spaces.

In this case, we want to draw the reader's attention to the "Art Biodiversity Workshop" box that was added without comment to the sidebar here a few months ago. With the onset of a fresh, new year, and a chance to pause and reflect, the time feels right to bring up the Biosphere 1 painting and make the perhaps little evident connection between it and the Art Biodiversity Workshop.

As mentioned, no public explanation has been necessary, nor given, for the Art Biodiversity Workshop concept. We see only that it groups a few of our blogs, each of which features paintings from one of Co2-Art partner Tatiana Iliina's ecology-themed collections. These presently include, The Glacier Painter, Industrial Waste Art, Wetlands of the World and After the Deluge.

By bringing the painting shown here into the discussion at this time, the idea is to suggest that 2011 will be a year in which the Art Biodiversity Workshop comes into full bloom and, also, that the world's biospheres are going to have an increasingly vivid role to play as this work unfolds.

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