Monday, December 21, 2009

178 World Leaders, Please Take Note: Next time how about negotiate a deal to note beforehand

In case anyone didn't like the way the Copenhagen agreement unfolded, here's an idea.

For the purposes of negotiating a deal for everyone to take note of:

Please just stay home and negotiate the whole thing by email and phone. If you want to celebrate taking note of the deal, then you could send envoys or environment ministers to the site of the celebration, so that you can all take note of it.

For the purposes of negotiating a deal for everyone to agree on:

First organize yourselves into blocks which feel they have common positions. Something like 5-8 blocks would be OK. Then appoint negotiators, take the deal that everyone agreed to take note of - and push it towards a deal that everyone will sign.

That will probably work.

In the meantime, if we are going to get a handle on the situation with the environment, some people are going to have to strike out on their own and take leadership. It will have to be people who have the wherewithal to do it and they will need to do it large and loud.

There needs to be many more successful showcase projects up and running soon, in order to convince less visionary leaders that there are other ways to turn profits besides by burning fossil fuels.

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