Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New World EV Record: Japanese car goes 555 km on one charge - Tokyo - Osaka

An electric car built by the Japan Electric Vehicle Club (JEVC) traveled the 555 km between Tokyo and Osaka on one charge in November.

The car, a Daihatsu Mira EV demolished the previous record of 501 km on one charge, set in October by a Tesla in Australia.
The following details are translated from the JEVC website:

Tokyo - Osaka Mira EV charging during non-charging 555.6km trip mileage achieved!

EV dreams and romance!
"No way, Osaka, Tokyo - Mira EV travel charger
To do so much running, "

===== ===== 1 achieved 555.6km mileage charge

Japan EV Club, November 17 (Tuesday), and
"No way, Osaka, Tokyo - Mira EV charging the trip to do so much running," and the
Up from Nihonbashi Osaka Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan EV Club Mira produced EV (electric vehicle), and
During one run more than once without charge,
1 achieved 555.6km distance charges.

No way of charging electric vehicles in running span 555.6 kilometers,
Tesla Motors U.S. October 27 Sun no way he established a range of 501km without a recharge,
Is a new world record. Apply to this record in Guinness.

? Tokyo - Osaka during non-charging EV Mira Travel Summary

Starting November 17, 2009 (Tue) 3 hours at Nihonbashi, Tokyo
Arrival November 17, 2009 (Tue) 16:26 min Osaka Nihonbashi

Distance: 555.6km
Running time: 13 hours 26 minutes 34 seconds
Driver: end ?? (Japan EV Club representative)
Passenger seat: Usui Takenobu (Japan EV club technical staff)

Vehicle: Mira EV (Japan EV Club Production)
Base vehicle: Miraban Daihatsu
Motor: DC brushless synchronous
Rated output: 14kW
Maximum output: 35 kW
Battery: Lithium Ion SANYO
Total Voltage: 240.5 V
Total energy: 74 kWh
Capacity: 2

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Toyotaiyajapan sponsors
Sanyo cooperation
Japan EV Club hosted project management

"Tokyo - Osaka EV Mira travel during non-charging" special website
11/17 has been running on the report.

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