Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Canadian Genocide Appears Unavoidable

In a week or two, bloodthirsty motorists, murderous cyclists and rampaging shopkeepers will inexplicably launch into the annual genocide of the shadfly.

What is worse? The non-chalant shopkeeper sweeping the corpses into piles? The kill-happy automobilist, skidding through a stop sign on a cream coating of shadfly body parts? Or the particularly maniacal torture procedure conceived by the mad cyclist, who delights in inhaling these poor creatures alive?

Are we going to tolerate this behaviour from our fellow human beings?

Common names for shadflies apparently include "dayfly", "mayfly", "Green Bay flies", "lake fly", "fishfly", "midgee", "June bug" and "jinx fly", although mayfly is the only one I've heard. And what I call a June bug is some kind of a giant beetle.

Seriously, cycling at any time of day during shadfly season is not recommended. In the evening, it can be a very bad mistake, especially if you like to see and breathe while cycling!