Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drill Baby Drill - An "Oil" Painting (done in acrylics!)

My collaborator Tatiana Iliina just put up a new abstract eco art painting from her "Industrial Waste" series.

This one is called "Drill Baby Drill".

It is 24" x 48" and painted in acrylics. So it is one of the first "oil paintings" ever not to be painted in "oils" LOL!

You can view it in more detail on Tatiana's site on eBay.

This whole BP disaster is the most depressing news there has been in quite a while. I even stopped blogging pretty much completely for about 2-3 weeks after this happened. Such a tragic disaster... after the oil companies have been raking in such huge profits. After all the suffering that the Gulf of Mexico states have gone through already in the last few years.

Alberta cuts royalties to oil companies

All while the Alberta government caves in to give the oil companies even more rollbacks on royalty rates. A gift of $1.5 billion more in uncollected royalties.    This gratuity seems to be a result of pressure applied by the fringe right Wildrose party.

Anyway,  I guess I just began to feel that the blogging has maybe less impact than a mosquito on the whole energy / environment situation. Now, BP is buying up  internet search terms to divert more people to its website and thereby get more control over the message.

BP sort of deluges you with information on its site. But you won't find out things you really want to know, like how is the clean-up really progressing in different places and exactly what systems, such as Kevin Costner's oil water separator they are or are not using? How is testing is going with these units? And what consideration is being given to such technologies as Canada's Genoil?

All you really find on BP's site are generalities and banalities, such as "oil and water really don't mix together well" - so they are using a variety of "skimmers."

Maybe there is a more effective strategy or way to make a difference than blogging. Anyway, haven't found it yet - so we keep on.

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