Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eco Artware - already 10 years of "deja vu"

There is a sense that recycling, conservation and sustainable lifestyles is a "new" trend. It is true perhaps that most North Americans have only become highly energized about green awareness since An Inconvenient Truth debuted in 2006. But recycling, of course has been around much longer. Eco Artware is one example.

This online business was founded, and featured in the Washington Post Home Section in 1999, and has not wavered from its mission of providing gifts made from reused, recycled and natural materials.

Eco Artware was founded by director Reena Kazmann and offers an interesting range of gifts produced by artists specialized in their respective areas. Resource Revival, for example, uses tons of discarded bicycle parts each year. Another supplier, Vinylux Vintage Vinyl Design, turns approximately 100,000 unplayable old vinyl record per year into bowls, snack trays, picture frames clocks and ornaments.

Now that environmental awareness has moved on to the next level, watch for a new explosion in popularity of these and similar items.

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