Monday, January 12, 2009

Give prizes and recognition for the worst packaging

With all the buzz about sustainable lifestyles and green living in the last few years, there have been a few packaging trends out there that are so blatantly wasteful it is a disgrace.

1. The practice of packaging all variety of different items in shiny, molded, clear plastic, one use only containers. This is so terrible. I don't know for sure why the manufacturers are going to this type of packaging. One would assume that sales are increased because the products are readily visible in a display, instead of inside a box. It seems that there may be one or more rather sinister reasons also. Number one among these, if there is no box, the item or parts of it might be easier to lose, so that customers would have to buy a replacement. The item is also more difficult to store when not in use, so often people have to go out and buy a special box for the item.

2. The practice of packaging say 12 cookies in 6 separately packaged two-packs within one box of cookies. This is just fricking unbelievable!

There should be booby prizes and plenty of recognition for the worst packaging offenders.

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