Friday, November 20, 2009

Evergreen Brickworks: Eco Mega Project in TO

Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks, self-proclaimed as Canada’s first large-scale, environmental community centre, is scheduled to open inMay 2010.

The project, being built in the derelict Don Valley Brickworks, just off the Don Valley Parkway, near downtown Toronto, has been spearheaded by Evergreen, a non profit organization dedicated to "making cities more livable."

The Evergreen Brickworks project has included fundraising to the tune of $55 million, $44 million of which has already been obtained.

Since 2004 the site has been offering a variety of activities such as a farmers market, a chef's market, guided nature walks and workshops and picnics.

The project is envisioned as a "sustainability showcase", including carbon neutral heating and cooling, with a solar co-generation system, net neutral water consumption complemented by 4 million litres of water per year collected from rainfall on the building roofs, zero waste to landfill and extensive provisions for sustainable transportation.

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