Sunday, November 22, 2009

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. coins new arms race

Writing in the Huffington Post a couple of days ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. declared a new arms race: the race to mobilize a green economy. And, he pretty much comes out and says that the U.S. is losing the race convincingly, right out of the blocks.

He says that the Chinese have dedicated 38% of their economic stimulus package to sustainable development, which would be approximately $1.5 trillion bucks. Trouble is, according to Wikipedia, China has only allocated just over 5% of its stimulus package to green initiatives. Could there be some grey area? Sure. But I don't think Kennedy is serving his causes well leaving so much room for doubt with unsubstantiated claims.

People who are concerned about the environment need to keep in mind the need to be very careful not to drift into hyperbole in any of their activities, so as not to distract from the message they are really attempting to get a cross.

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