Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is the

Fascinating how soon we begin to look back on things that, it seems like, we just started a short time ago. Such is the case with this blog.

When we first started this blog in '07, the Eco Art out there in cyberspace was just beginning to proliferate. We did quite a bit of research into what there was - and one of the more interesting groups we discovered was the California-based is a non-profit group run completely by volunteers.

The following is adapted from the organization's "about" page., is a 100% volunteer run online museum of environmental art founded in 2001.

"Our goal is to inform, inspire and connect people through environmental art and encourage the creation of new work that serves communities and ecosystems. If you like this site and feel moved to volunteer or contribute to the birth of a sustainable culture, please visit our membership section and join us to support the growth of this movement. We are currently planning a major redesign of the site and a new organizational model to run it with. Stay tuned!"

There are listings of something like 200 artists, numerous online exhibitions and projects, community listings with a calendar and a blog.

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