Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project COAL: International Call for Artists - Appel a projet international

This is a call for artists that is open until Nov. 30, 2009

It is organized by COAL, the "coalition for the arts and sustainable development" which was created in France in 2008 by professionals of contemporary art, sustainable development and research. COAL is a nongovernmental organization. Its members are Alice Audouin, Baudelot Alexandra, Alexis Botaya, Loic Fel, Lauranne Germond, Yann Queinnec, Guillaume-Olivier Robic, Agathe Utard Clement Willemin.

On the COAL website there is a much more complete description, in French, of what it's all about.

This is the website: www.projetcoal.fr

Most of the (somewhat garbled) translation below I have borrowed from the website: Arts for COP15 art & activism Copenhagen 09


PROJET COAL is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the National Center of Fine Arts


PROJET COAL is a cycle of calls over three-years that invites artists to work on major global environmental and societal challenges. Approaches to sustainable development range between creativity and accountability. Sustainable development is still too often democratizes through normative discourse or alarmists. But change also depends on the sensitivity and performances, giving artistic expression to all its necessities.

Supported by partners in art and sustainable development this call for project aims to:

- Encourage the involvement and commitment of arts on environmental and societal current issues.

- Enhance the role of the artist as a stakeholder, promote exchange and networking with other stakeholders engaged in the field of sustainable development (NGOs, international institutions, communities, firms, unions ...).

- Support the production and distribution of signifying pieces of art.

- Provide visibility into projects and creative proposals on major societal and environmental issues.

- Promote their implementation and dissemination to public and private actors.

Based on a detailed study of the issue, made under the supervision of a scientific committee, the artists are invited to submit their project proposals, realistic or utopian, to risk solutions, to put a new look.

This call for proposals will be:

- Publishing a reference book presenting 100 projects selected under this call. Designed as a catalog of suggestions, ideas, visions, the book COAL PROJECT 2009 will be widely disseminated to policy makers and stakeholders (media arts and sustainable development, communities, NGOs, companies ...).

- Organizing a series of seminars around the projects and a full day of multi-stakeholder metting around 10 projects selected in the presence of the jury and the Scientific Committee and key stakeholders in sustainable development.

- rewarding a recipient designated by the jury of experts with a grant of 5 000 euros. The winner also receives the accompaniment of COAL for networking necessary for the development of his project.

All details : scientific committee, thematic, jury, application on www.projetcoal.fr


For further information, please email at lauranne@projetcoal.fr

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