Friday, September 24, 2010

Can the B.C. Liberals Please Change Their Name?

The unpopularity of the B.C. Liberals is over the top. Many are saying the party could be toast and Premier Gordon Campbell's popularity is at an epic low.

In fact, the provincial Liberals in Ontario, N.B. and Quebec are none too popular either, but at least these Liberals do have some sort of "liberal" aspect to their philosophies, unlike B.C.'s Campbell Liberals. The N.B Liberal government may get its pink slip soon, with the election coming up there in a couple of days. The "crime" of the N.B Liberals, the attempted sale of N.B Power to Hydro Quebec. Quebec's Liberals are mired in corruption charges and Ontario's and B.C.'s are suffering from HST hangovers. The difference between them that B.C.'s Libs promised NOT to implement the HST.

So, the B.C. Liberals are taking unpopularity to a new level - and recall campaigns against Liberals are getting serious attention.

The trouble with these Liberals is that they are less "liberal" than Stephen Harper in many ways. Not such a big deal. They really should have another name but who cares? There's more to it than that.

Not many British Columbians are going to confuse their provincial Liberals with Iggy's federal Liberals. Unfortunately, a good number of Canadians from other provinces aren't really up to speed on the nuances of B.C. politics. As a result, the B.C. Libs' unpopularity is definitely rubbing off on Iggy in certain circles in the ROC. I have seen people on message boards cursing Iggy and Campbell's Liberals in the same paragraph, sentence or discussion, as if they were some kind of political cousins. It may not be significant - but it is unfair.


The Mound of Sound said...

Out here on the Left Coast it doesn't really matter much what a party calls itself. We have "this bunch" and "the other bunch." Fact is we rarely like either of them. We don't really get a chance to vote "for" things so we routinely vote "against" whatever option we like least.

And so this most magnificent of provinces staggers like a drunken sailor, first right then left then right again.

I think the last premier who was genuinely liked or at least widely respected was the NDP's Mike Harcourt who was such a nice guy that he got stabbed in the back by his successor, the ever sleazy Glen Clark.

Sadly, British Columbia pays a hefty price by these swings from far right to far left. When the Libs were reborn under Wilson we rejoiced in the prospect of a middle option of sober, progressive moderation. Then the SoCreds, their ship sinking, boarded the Liberal boat and simply took it over as their own. They didn't care what it was called so long as it returned the party of business to power.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh yeah, as to your final point. Yes a lot of us see Iggy as a somewhat more moderate "conservative lite" federal leader passing as a Liberal but that's because we had our eyes opened when the last conservative bunch shanghaied a Liberal party.