Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Opening Day is Coming, Are You Ready?" "Drop Ducks Like Rain"

The heading above was spotted today on a banner ad from Black Cloud Ammo on the Ducks Unlimited (.org) website.

I appreciate that DU does some good work. But I really have to wonder if "Drop Ducks Like Rain" is an appropriate slogan to have appear on a supposed "conservation" organization's website.

An appropriate topic, after yesterday's House of Commons vote lost by the Conservatives, who wanted to abolish the long gun registry. I wouldn't want to read too much into an advertising slogan but I don't think it is a huge stretch to consider that "Drop Ducks Like Rain" tells us something about the mindset of the people who are perhaps most fanatical about abolishing the registry in Canada.

Is it just me or does DU have the feeling of a political organization rather than a conservation organization?

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