Friday, September 17, 2010

Deformed Fish Highlight Calls for Study of Oil Sands Impact on Athabasca River, Lake

A broad-based group of scientists, residents, first nations leaders, doctors and area politicians sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday insisting that the federal government commission an independent study on the impact of decades of growing oil sands industry on the Athabasca River and its watershed.

Perhaps unnoticed by many, this latest call by a united front of groups comes just a day after the conclusion of the World Energy Congress in Montreal, and two days prior to the beginning of the World Water Congress, also being held in Montreal.

It's hard to imagine any more appropriate timing to call for more rigorous environmental practices in the oil sands. Although, I wonder if the significance of these three events that are so closely related has been lost on many, if not most players, who are no doubt highly focused on their particular specialties.

 Further news on these events in the near future.

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