Friday, September 10, 2010

Own the Agenda - Don't Be Owned

Maybe it's time to back off acknowledging FN North with such gusto...

Today I checked out the Prog Blog FB site for the first time.

Right at the top, there is a post by Ira Everett that addresses a concern that I've been thinking about myself recently, especially with respect to Faux News North. It also refers back to an article on Huffington Post by Randy Shaw, entitled, "Progressive Media Bolstering Republican/Fox News Agenda".

The whole crux of the argument is that by responding en masse to every ridiculous item that appears on FN, the progressive media is, to a large degree, achieving the opposite of what it hopes for.

I believe there is a lot to this. There is only a limited amount of space on the information playing field.

By endlessly commenting on the issues that are thrown out there from extremist agenda planners, progressive media are falling into the trap of legitimizing these issues. Not only that, they are lending credence to the commentators who are driving these bogus narratives.

Sounds like good advice would be to lay off commenting or even acknowledging FN North. We do not need to make these sold-out empty mouthpieces household names.  

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