Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BP and Major Euro Polluters Funding U.S. Senate Climate Deniers and Tea Partiers

A report released yesterday by the Climate Action Network Europe has revealed that heavy-polluting European corporations are big financial supporters of U.S. Senate climate change deniers and climate legislation opponents.

The report, drawing on analysis of publicly available information fingers such large European emitters as BAYER, BASF, Solvay, Lafarge, BP, GDF-SUEZ, Arcelor-Mittal and EON, for their active support of denier campaigns. In 2009, these seven corporations' GHG emissions were roughly equivalent to that of the entire country of Belgium. 

In the European context, it should be noted that these same companies argue that Europe should not do more to fight global warming until the U.S. starts to act.

The Climate Action Network Europe is a coalition of 130 European environmental and development NGOs working to fight dangerous climate change.

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