Monday, October 4, 2010

Legault Gathering Forces for a "Coup de réflexion"

It says here that rumors are circulating to the effect that ex-PQ Education Minister and one-time leadership favourite, François Legault is preparing, along with others, to launch a ~movement of reflection~ of the political persuasion, sometime around the middle of October.

It says here that a proposal (recently rejected by PQ youth as well as many commentators) from Michael Fortier to hold a Quebec sovereignty referendum every 15 years on a fixed date came flyin' outa nowhere.

It says here (in the more familiar columns of Chantal Hébert) that said 15-year proposal originated somewhere in the general postal code of the Legault group.

It also says both in Hébert's column and in the Ecran Radar that the Legault group would fill a logical voter void, with Charest's Liberals down and all but out, and the PQ nevertheless unable to get much traction and PQ leader Pauline Marois barely more popular in polls than the beleaguered Charest.

It is speculated that the Legault group would be a right-leaning "rainbow" coalition bearing some resemblance to the Lucien Bouchard PCs.

Considering that Charest is also a former Mulroney-ite, it seems rather optimistic that there would be so much room in the centre-right in Quebec.

There's also speculation that a new third party tied in with Legault wouldn't have enough time to get organized prior to the next election, expected in about two years. So what is the plan? Try to swoop in after the next election and take over the Liberal's base?

And why is it that all the viable new parties in Quebec seem to come out of the right?

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