Friday, October 29, 2010

Foolproof Titles to Have a Viral Hit on Youtube, Twitter or a Blog

Titles of videos that would go viral on Youtube via the petro / corporate promotional machine:

* How raising the minimum wage hurts the poor

* Why education is usually unnecessary, even harmful

* The Truth: Oil Burning Cools the Planet

* Free Trade Means Farmers Can't Plant Seeds They Grow Themselves

* Many Chemicals Are Beneficial in Organic Farming

* The Cost of Having a Baby Should be 50% of a Minimum Annual Salary

* No Doubt About It - Christianity is the Only True Religion

* Bicycles Are a Communist Plot

* More Smoke in the Atmosphere has a "Carbon Filter" Cleaning Effect

* Once the Coral Dies Off it will Come Back Stronger

* Super Patriots Love Working for Low Pay

* Science is Only One Man's Opinion

....and so forth...

Have a try! Take a Chance!

The beauty of it is, the content doesn't matter! Nothing in the article or video has to make sense. We have seen ample proof that anyone could write anything under any of the above titles and you would have millions of instant subscribers.

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