Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Campbell to Scrap B.C. School Boards Tonight?

A Vancouver school trustee has told the Vancouver Observer that there is speculation B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell may announce the scrapping of local elected school boards at his public address tonight. If this is true, today will be as dark a day as democracy has seen in British Columbia.

Mike Lombardi, a trustee from the Vancouver board of education, said he has heard from a number of sources that the new model will closely mirror the health care structure that Campbell initiated in 2001.

After appointing George Abbott as the new Minister of Education Monday, the move is expected to be another one of Campbell’s bold moves towards centralization and privatization, according to Lombardi.

Who knows? maybe this is the type of nonsense they preach at Bilderberg?

Granted, this idea has been floated elsewhere than in B.C. For one, the former leader of Quebec's Action Democratique party, Mario Dumont, had thrown this concept out there. Not that many people took it seriously.

What is awful sketchy is that a premier hovering at somewhere around 8% in the polls would bring in such an extreme, anti-democratic measure.

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