Monday, October 18, 2010

Canada's G8 Reputation and Self-Image Higher than Our "U.N" Ranking

According to the Reputation Institute, Canada has ranked second in the world for 2010 in terms of "international reputation" and third in terms of "self-image". Sweden and Australia respectively ranked first in the two categories.

To calculate the international reputation, the general public of G8 countries (excluding citizens of the country rated) were polled to assess the reputation of 39 selected countries. These assessments were based on 11 attributes arranged in three categories, "effective government", "advanced economy" and "appealing environment".

To determine the "self image" rating, the general public in 35 countries were asked to respond to the following questions in respect to their own country:

• “The country has a good reputation.”
• “I like the country.”
• “I admire and respect the country.”
• “I trust the country.”

The polling was conducted during the months of January and February, 2010, and the results released by the Reputation Institute Sept. 27.

As a point of interest, the U.S. placed 22nd in international reputation and 14th in self-image. Meanwhile, Portugal placed 19th in international reputation and 32nd, third-last, in self-image.

Follow-up question: Now that Portugal has bested Canada in the much ballyhooed recent international vote to win a spot on the United Nations Security Council, will we see a flip-flop in self-image next year?

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CanNurse said...

I don't know about a flip in self-image next year, but I sure as heck deeply hope that we see a flip to a different government!