Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buyers Line Up Overnight to Buy Paintings in St. Lambert

It may not be Christie's ($273 milllion) or Sotheby's ($222.5 million) but one still must agree it is at least a tiny bit impressive that people lined up overnight outside the Balcon d'Art Gallery in St. Lambert, in hopes of getting first crack at the new works of painter Richard Savoie.

According to an article in the Rive-Sud Express (citing gallery sources), some 75 people were lined up when the doors opened and a number of them had waited in line overnight.

Savoie had worked in pastels for about 20 years and become one of Canada's more well-known pastel artists. However, since he switched to oils, his work has drawn increased attention. The Nov. 7 exhibition of 35 paintings sold out in 15 minutes.

Savoie paints mostly realist landscapes with light "effects" and never misses a chance to include a tire track running through slush that would make Thomas Kincade proud. 

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