Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take a Hike - At Risk Students Learn and Grow with the Best Teacher - Nature

It's called "Take a Hike." It is a an alternative education program in which barriers to learning are minimized, personal issues are addressed, and students achieve a greater level of social and academic success. Following up on the theme of yesterday's post about Georges Laraque's community-focused activities, it is most appropriate to pick up on Take a Hike, another great cause.

Vancouver-based Take a Hike is one of Clara Hughes' favourite causes.

Take a Hike is program that has the power to give young people a belief in themselves and their abilities, as well as a lifelong respect and appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

The program combines the following four aspects: adventure-based learning, therapies, academics and community learning.

Take a Hike has been around for over ten years, its foundation has raised over $1 million for at-risk students in Vancouver and its board of directors includes a generous selection of community and corporate leaders.

This program has all the attributes of something that would be worth taking nation-wide.

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