Monday, November 1, 2010

"Everyday" Electric Car Distance Record Set in Germany - 600 km with the Heat On!

German scientists are claiming a new EV world record for "everyday" cars after a 600 km trip last week from Munich to Berlin was completed without recharging by an electric powered Audi. The project was run by two partner companies, lekker Energie and DBM Energy.  

The battery uses DBM Energy’s KOLIBRI AlphaPolymer Technology said to be 97 percent efficient and chargeable from virtually any socket — plug it into a high voltage DC source and it can be fully charged in just six minutes according to the car’s driver and battery inventor, Mirko Hannemann.

A Japanese car had set a previous EV distance record of 555 km just under a year ago. 

via The Local - Germany's news in English

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