Monday, November 22, 2010

Harper Axes Edmonton Expo Bid Support - Prospects Dim for Quebec Arena

With news today that the feds will not be supporting an Expo 2017 bid, the speculation is that the Harper government is setting the table for a fast on new big ticket menu items such as the much anticipated new NHL arena for Quebec City.

Other cities bidding are Liege, Belgium, and Astana, Kazakhstan. Alberta and Canada's reputations have suffered such a pummeling under the Harper regime that it is difficult to imagine how a Harper-led tar-sands funded bid would be able to build any popularity to come out on top in a competitive process.

The initial budget estimate for the event was $2.3 billion, of which the feds would have been responsible for about $700 million, although security costs would have boosted the federal responsibility to well over $1 billion.

Doesn't seem like all that much in comparison with what the feds dumped in three days of the G20.

Although not officially dead, it is presumed that the bid will die without federal support.

The event would have celebrated Canada's 150th birthday.

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ck said...

According to French language Canoe, Ottawa is denying that they said "no" outright to funding arena in Quebec City;

If you could read French: here is:

Offroad Artist said...

To my knowledge all they did was write a letter pulling out of Edmonton 2017. And it is not going over well in some circles in Edmonton. So I agree with those who say it doesn't look good for fed funding for a Quebec arena.

Who knows? Wouldn't surprise me if Harper and/or Canoe (Peladeau / potential Quebec team owner) had some other agenda(s) going. There's always someone who can find a way to benefit by fomenting a little east-west or Quebec-ROC resentment.