Monday, November 29, 2010

Rising Lake Temps Confirmed 12th Indicator of AGW Climate Change

Out of 104 large freshwater lakes tested in the study by NASA, the temperatures of 41 have increased significantly since 1985, 59 have increased but not significantly and only four had a temperature drop, none of them significant.

Among the two most startling increases were at Lake Tahoe CA and Lake Ladoga, Russia, which have increased 3 and 4 degrees F respectively. The study was published by the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Lake Ladoga, which backs onto the northeast edge of the Russian city of St. Petersburg, served as a lifeline for citizens of the city, then known as Leningrad, who survived the epic 900-day blockade imposed by the Nazis during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated across the frozen lake in winters and by boat during the summers. No word as to whether Ladoga remains drivable during the winter...

Other previous studies have predicted that the water level in the Great Lakes could drop as much as two feet by the end of the century if global warming continues.

Now with 12 undisputed indicators pointing squarely at AGW, denier audacity continues to baffle brains. Though the brains are responding, as climate scientists are preparing a more organized effort to counter misinformation, in consideration of impending smoke blowing of a Republican Congress in the U.S. 

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