Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Fast and Good Solution for the Haiti Situation

Question: How do we explain that all the corporate bailouts and the huge expansion of deficit spending throughout most of the world have not driven up inflation?

(I assume any answers will be guesses as this is economics)

Follow up question: When there are dire emergencies in certain parts of the world, why can't help be delivered faster, more decisively?

Case in point: Haiti. The situation needs to be resolved immediately. Spend the money required to do the job. Source out water purification systems. If necessary, send in the crews that have been putzing around laying pipe in Canadian municipalities over the past year or two.  Tag and track the expenditures. Spread the responsibility around to the rest of developed countries. i.e. Give the - the freaking G20 a reason for existence.

Monitor the economic effects and ask questions later.

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