Sunday, April 3, 2011

AIDS-like HIV-Negative Disease Spreads in China, Baffles Experts

The claims about this disease are startling, even scary. They say it ravages the body, is highly contagious, passing from person to person in any bodily fluid, and does not result in a positive HIV test.

From the news stories out there, it seems that at least hundreds of people have been suffering from this disease for at least 2-3 years. Well if that's the case, then it couldn't be as "highly contagious" as claimed, or else there would be millions sick by now.

Then again, maybe there are many more carriers who do not exhibit symptoms. As of now, it looks like there could be any number of possible explanations. In an article in February, the BBC reports doctor speculation that the disease could be the result of a mental condition.

Or, who knows? Perhaps the disease will eventually be found to have a link to pollution or chemicals in the environment or the food chain.

Of course there may also be the Armageddon wishful thinkers out there. And there are definitely some trying to foment anxiety. One Christian news site published an article headlined that the disease had spread to the U.S. - but the link provided contained no such information.

Aside from the Epoch Times and BBC articles linked, news of this seems to be traveling mostly on the blogs.


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