Monday, April 4, 2011

World Press Freedom Day May 3 - Will Canada Be Celebrating this Year?

It is slightly ironic that World Press Freedom Day falls the day after the federal election in Canada.

Right when freedom of the press in this country seems to be going MIA.

If one more article appears accusing the Liberals of proposing a "tax and spend" plan, without mentioning that the Liberal plan actually includes getting back out of a budget deficit position sooner than the Conservatives' plan does, it can be safely assumed that press freedom is no longer a fact of life in this country, as we once knew it.

Today's freedom of the press MIA exhibit: the Toronto Sun's Michael Den Tandt's column. It is basically just a re-conception of yesterday's Ibbitson piece in the Globe, but Den Tandt has to be credited for a very original and amusing revision of history, to the effect that the Conservative Party is "centre-right" and the Liberals "centre-left".

How about press freedom MIA day? And how about we celebrate by de-conglomerating all these papers, radio stations internet portals and TV networks?

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