Friday, April 15, 2011

Brazilian-Owned Multinational Vale Magnanimously Agrees to Preserve Piece of 'Group of Seven' Country

This after an energetic one-person local campaign to save the area, near Ontario's Willisville Mountain received over 1000 signatures on a petition and plenty of response to a Willisville Mountain Facebook page.

The area is historically, culturally and artistically important and Vale is to be congratulated for coming through to preserve the land.

You hate to look for a negative in such a positive outcome. Canadians, however, do need to ask themselves, how can our interests be reliably protected when such a decision is left to the largesse of a foreign-owned, corporate conglomerate? In this case, Vale obviously leaped at a relatively painless way of cultivating good will. No guarantees of any such good fortune anywhere in the country going forward.

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