Friday, April 15, 2011

The Harper Sellout of Sovereignty from the Political Sphere to the Corporate

Here's a good piece in the Halifax Chronicle Herald by Silver Donald Cameron.

Basically a very similar set of circumstances as we see in the CETA free trade talks with Europe. A very dangerous and uncertain road to go down.

Unfortunately, I'm not even sure there is a huge fundamental difference between the Liberals and the Cons on this. The Cons' eyes may be glazed over with greed and they may be just ripping out their own hearts over the fact that they couldn't sell out Potash to the first comer (as one example).

But what would the Libs do? Although the Liberals would probably take a different approach, more well regulated, humane and presentable to a wider audience, the end result will probably be a similar shift of sovereignty to corporations.

No need to look any further than John Manley's article in yesterday's National Post. Doesn't even leave many dots to connect.

Obviously, no one, other than a select few shareholders, has the power to control who runs corporations - so you can see where democracy is headed. But try to explain this to voters in a sound bite. Or even get people to read it.

If this phenomenon truly is a threat, one thing is certain though. That is that Stephen Harper will be fast-tracking it.

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