Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arts Funding Issue Below the Radar this Campaign

Perhaps due to the deluge of headline-grabbing Conservative scandals this campaign, the issue of arts funding has had little play. Especially compared to 2008, when $45 million of arts funding cuts provoked a gut level reaction from arts and cultural organizations, the arts' approach to this election has been more analytic and measured, according to an article in today's Montreal Gazette

The Conservatives seemed surprised in '08 that arts became an issue, especially in Quebec. They seemingly have no clue as to the economic and emotional value of the arts to the country.

For his part, Michael Ignatieff has promised that a Liberal government would restore the $45 million that was axed, as well as double Canada Council funding over three years.

No one is saying just how much the Conservative may cut.

In case anyone has forgotten how clueless the Conservatives appear to be on this issue, this is evident in the video below from '08.

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