Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet the Thought-Controlled Car - and a Motherlode of Potential Political Applications

The thought controlled car, or BrainDriver, by Autonomos Labs in Germany has been in development for four or five years and has already been demoed.

The applications would be many. Among the more obvious, this car could open up driving to untold numbers of people with handicaps. According to one rabbi, such a car may even enable Jews to drive on the Sabbath.

Why stop with cars?

But what about thinking outside the box? Why stop with cars?

For example, a lot of bickering could be efficiently eliminated simply by applying this technology to the Member of Parliament. For example, a thought-controlled Opposition would ensure that Parliament would run smoothly at all times and there would be no need for bothersome debates. In the not-so-distant future, for example, a thought-controlled Question Period, could be used to give the government an opportunity to provide citizens with timely updated instructions on specific activities they should be applying themselves to on a given evening.

But what about meddlesome wrangling and squabbling within a given caucus? No problem! Thought-controlled Government Backbenchers and thought-controlled Cabinet Ministers would fine tune a government to run like a Swiss Watch.

But what about the... er... the you know, Prime Minister, President or what have you? The fact is, and there is no denying it, the one in charge can, on occasion, get a little headstrong. You can get a very flamboyant PM, maybe a President with creative ideas, or you could even get someone in there who wants to make changes that would be incompatible with the greater good. So, why put your faith in luck? In the right hands, the Thought controlled Prime Minister would be a God-send for the country!

Thank about it.

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