Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conservatives Jump 10 Points Overnight - in the Prairies(!)

Interpret or interpolate how you will. Today's Nanos shows a lot of interesting details in the regions.

Nothing more telling that the huge jump up to 59.5% for the Conservatives in the Prairies - up from roughly 50% the day before..

The net effect is that, while the overall numbers for Canada see the Conservatives maintaining a 9-point lead or so over the Liberals, that lead is far less meaningful than it has been for the past two weeks.

No doubt, small sample sizes in the regions make any of these numbers unreliable. Nevertheless, the trend of increasing Liberal strength across much of the country is evident.


Jymn said...

Combine that with the Liberal jump in Ontario. Mmm. These elections could be more interesting than I thought. (Could the jump in the prairies be solely due to Harper's gun registry pledge?)

Anonymous said...

Something here does not add up. Did you get mixed up between Liberal and Conservative?
How can a 10 point jump for the Conservatives indicate growing Liberal strength. Youaren't reading what you are writing.