Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Infectious Disease Identified in Negative AIDS Patients

A press release issued today from the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection stated that testing conducted on the Mainland and in the U.S. have identified no infectious disease related to the patients who exhibit or claim to exhibit AIDS-like systems but test negative for HIV.

The press release goes on to say that:

"These individuals lived in different parts of the Mainland without clustering. No common characteristics or causative evidence of disease transmission among these individuals or their close contacts were identified.

     Laboratory tests undertaken by China's CDC and an laboratory in the United States yielded negative results for HIV. No causative pathogen has been found so far.

     "According to MOH, there is currently no evidence from clinical presentation, laboratory or epidemiological findings to substantiate that these people are suffering from an infectious disease."

So far, no explanation other than "AIDS-phobia" (i.e. people are afraid they have AIDS) has been offered by Chinese authorities.

A message board called Flutrackers is actively tracking developments on this and has turned up no or minimal information that would tend to confirm that there is a new AIDS-like disease or any infectious disease behind these illnesses.

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